Our Project

The idea of this project is to contribute to the foundation of a new concept of Europe as a result of many different languages, cultures, traditions and values so to get to a new way of relating among European citizens. Our project has been constructed by the participation of 5 schools from Turkey, Latvia, Spain, Portugal and FYR.of Macedonia, which have different languages and different ethnic structuresin order to build a multicultural Europe in the European foundation.
The main objectives of our project are;
Instead of the partners introducing their own cultures, the partner schools will search, learn and teach about the cultures of the other partner countries. We will give immigrant, refugees, foreign pupils the opportunity to introduce their own culture. In this way, among participants, it will be provided to construct a direct and an active dialogue between the different European cultures from different nationalities.
Thanks to this new created active dialogue, friendships will be established and this will lead to reduce racialism in the future.
Our project will ensure to break the existing prejudices, to prevent the intercultural conflicts, to discover and adopt different, common/disappearing cultural values by examining languages, music, dance, food, feasts, lifestyles, handicrafts, customs and traditions, all of which form the culture. Besides, their own cultural identity
awareness will be formed in the partner countries.This project will motivate the students to protect their cultural heritage and to be respectful towards other different cultures.
Among the different aims of the project there is the will to enable students with economic and social inabilities to catch the opportunity to take part in these European meetings sharing humanitarian values and learning to respect human rights, to be self confident and to live peacefully as a true European Citizen.