Agrupamento de Escolas de Paredes de Coura


Paredes de Coura school includes 852 students from pre-school to secondary education. We follow the national curriculum and have a few special needs students with a special curriculum. There are 97 teachers and 47 staff members.The subjects studied are: Portuguese, Portuguese Literature, English, French, Spanish, German, History, Geography, Math, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy, Music, Art, Arts and Crafts, PE., Religious Studies and ICT. We also have a basic Music Course from year 4 in Primary school up to the 9th grade. It is a partnership with the Music Academy from Viana do Castelo.
It is located in Northern Portugal, a municipality with about 9500 inhabitants and is the only public school in the county. It is a rural area; there is some agriculture and a few factories..Our school seeks to develop projects aimed at a comprehensive education of students, providing enriching opportunities in civic, cultural and scientific fields, and which students would not have access otherwise.